Nine Great Reasons Ice Climbers Warm up at The Vic

Ice climbers still love The Vic

Ice climbers still love The Vic

Coming to Ouray to ice climb and need to ship your ice gear early?  Concerned about where to dry and store all your wet gear while you’re here?  The Ouray Victorian Inn can receive your gear, has “ice climber friendly” rooms and caters to ice climbers in a variety of other ways. Come stay at the place where ice climbing in Ouray all started and the hotel closest to the Ouray Ice Park entrance. “The Vic” is a small family run hotel, where you will be welcomed as guests and treated like family.  Check out a few of the ways we cater to the ice climbing community here at The Vic:

  1. In-room hooks for hanging clothes or towels
  2. Rag basket (named Raggie) in each room for cleaning or drying gear
  3. Gear drying towels on request
  4. Concierge services for washing or drying clothes (for fee)
  5. Tools available on request for gear repair
  6. Receive and store advance shipments of gear
  7. Sunroom for informal meetings and slide presentations or dinners
  8. Hot water each morning to fill a thermos for those cold mornings in the park
  9. Closest access to the ice park (Box Canyon lodge not withstanding)

Ice Park members receive a 20% discount from rack rate on your room at the Victorian Inn during the ice season  only. Check out our specials page for more information. Here are some additional links if you want to check the Ouray weather or ice climbing conditions.

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