Wildflowers in the San Juan Mountains

Wildflowers in Ouray and the San Juans abound in July. In fact, the San Juan mountains  are one of the top places in Colorado to experience the wonders of the high country wildflower extavaganza. The back country around Ouray transforms into a magical place in July when wildflowers peak in the basins and meadows of the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway.  This area,  accessible only by a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high clearance, is a spectacular vision of color and texture. For as far as the eye can see flowers of all hues fill the basins.Some of the flowers you can see include lupines, poppies, Tufted hairgrass, alpine timothy, bog sedge, rushes, bistort, Colorado blue columbine, avens, larkspur, gentian, geranium, Jacob’s ladder, monkshood, catchfly, phlox and bluebells bloom,

Additional information and a handy plant identification tool can be found at Southwest Colorado Wildflowers

wildflowers in a field


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