Green programs at the Ouray Victorian Inn

Green programs at the Ouray Victorian Inn

Green Programs at The Ouray Victorian Inn

We support green programs and  are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have dramatically reduced our breakfast waste by eliminating the use of disposable plates, bowls and cutlery. We have changed office procedures to reduce our paper use by 50%.  We also look closely at the products we use in the hotel, from the amount of recycled product in new floor tiles to the use of low VOC paints in guest rooms.  We also specify Energy Star ratings when replacing appliances or equipment.

Currently, we have several Green programs in place

Recycling: The Victorian Inn is one of the few Hotels in Ouray with a recycling program.  We recycle bottles, cans, plastic drink bottles, and paper. Please deposit these items in the blue recycling bins located all around the property.

Energy efficiency: We have replaced all the lights in the guest rooms and public areas with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) that use 50 – 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. We have changed all the lighting in the bath areas to LED bulbs which will give our guests better lighting while saving even more energy.  Our housekeepers use natural lighting as much as possible and are trained to turn all lights off when leaving a room.

In the heating season, we encourage guests to leave drapes open to take advantage of the natural solar gain from our south facing windows.  We also utilize a two step heating system, using efficient hot-water heating to maintain a base level of heat which limits the amount of heat that must be provided by the individual electric units located in each room

While each room is air conditioned, we encourage our guests to open the windows, and let the natural convection of the mountain air and breezes from the river behind theInncool the room naturally. All rooms have operable windows and excellent cross ventilation.

We also specify energy star certification for all new appliances and have replaced all room televisions with more efficient flat screen units.

Water Conservation; We change bed linens every fourth day and at check out to reduce the amount of water and detergents used for washing.  We encourage guests to reuse towels by hanging them up. Our housekeepers are trained to report any dripping faucets or running toilets so they can be repaired immediately.

Cleaning materials: We have eliminated nearly all of the chemicals formerly used for cleaning rooms and public spaces, replacing them with non-toxic or at  least safer solutions that still provide the same level of cleanliness.   We purchase all cleaning materials in bulk so that we can use refillable hand spray containers for all cleaning materials.

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